For me it is all about making an informed decision. To ultimately achieve a good level of vision. I can honestly say Mr Strong discussed all of the options. Some choices I was not even aware of before my appointment. He answered any questions that I had. This I appreciated.

The whole process is hassle free, efficient and quick.

Such a positive outcome would have been hard to imagine prior to the procedure. I am genuinely so pleased and happy with the result. The difference in my eyesight is immense. For this I would like to sincerely thank Mr Strong.


It is normal for one to face an operation with a degree of concern and caution, even more so when it relates to the eyes and in my case I was unbelievably nervous (scared!) Mr Shafiq and staff at the Nuffield, Newcastle understood this and ensured throughout the whole process that I was treated and communicated with, most professionally and sympathetically. And the outcome…………? In a word ……………… astonishing! Glasses? ……… what glasses? Everything I now look at is “crystal clear” and I feel that I can see for miles. Also, I can now read things relatively close up, this was impossible prior to the surgery. Thank you Mr Shafiq and staff.

Colin H

Further patient testimonials can be found on Mr Shafiq’s and Mr Strong’s websites.

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